Conference halls

Wide range of services for making events of different size

We can offer a wide range of congress services for making events of different size: from confidential business meetings in comfortable meeting rooms to big seminars and conferences in big halls.

Convenient location of conference halls and a banquet hall of the restaurant makes possible not only to arrange an event but also to provide it with meals.

The hotel can offer extra equipment for the events.

Alexandrovsky Hall

Alexandrovsky Hall is of a big size with nice panoramic view to the center of Moscow. It is equipped with special video equipment with large screen. The hall is decorated in classic green colors.

Capacity up to 75 persons.

Leninsky Hall

Leninsky Hall is a corner hall with panoramic windows and large screen. The design of the hall is made in warm sandy color.

Capacity up to 60 persons.

Yakimanka meeting room

Yakimanka meeting room is decorated in light green colors and is equipped with nice office furniture and 2 screens.

Capacity up to 15 persons.

Ostozhenka meeting room

Ostozhenka meeting room is in grey-blue colors opens panoramic view of Crymsky bridge and Moscow-City complex. The room has office furniture and a screen.

Capacity up to 15 persons.